Samsung M11 開箱
Samsung M11 開箱


開箱-高貴不貴Samsung M11暮光紫

今天要跟大家一起開箱今年五月才隆重上市的 Samsunf Galaxy M11,2020年全球在新冠肺炎肆虐之下,經濟幾近停擺,就連一項以高階手機聞名的韓國三星,都推出千元的入門款手機M11,究竟這次三星的誠意有多少,千元手機到底值不值得入手呢?一起開箱看看吧!



Samsung M11

Samsung Galaxy M11這次總共推出三款顏色,晨曦藍、迷霧黑和暮光紫,今天要和大家一起開箱的是紫色,官網售價4000有找的手機,到底這次三星要拿什麼規格來讓網購族買單呢?

Samsung Galaxy M11 開箱影片

Samsung Galgxy M11 規格介紹

◎ 4G + 4G 雙卡雙待
◎ Android 10 作業系統、One UI 2.0 操作介面
◎ 6.4 吋 1,560 x 720pixels 解析度 LCD 觸控螢幕
◎ Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 八核心處理器
◎ 3GB RAM / 32GB ROM
◎ 前置 800 萬畫素鏡頭
◎ 後置 1,300 萬畫素 + 500 萬畫素 + 200 萬畫素主相機
◎ Wi-Fi 4、藍牙 4.2、NFC
◎ 指紋辨識
◎ 採用 USB Type-C 規格,支援 15W 閃電快充
◎ 支援 microSD 記憶卡,最高可擴充至 512GB 儲存空間

Samsung M11 慕光紫

Samsung Galaxy M11擁有6.4寸HD全銀幕


Samsung M11 慕光紫



Samsung M11



Samsung M11 慕光紫



Samsung M11 慕光紫

大容量電池5000mAh,搭配type C

Samsung M11 慕光紫


Samsung M11 開箱
Samsung M11 慕光紫 開箱


看完介紹你還猶豫嗎?不到四千的價格可以買大廠牌三星手機,電池容量大,一次四顆鏡頭給好給滿,如果不是重度的遊戲玩家,還有什麼好猶豫。買來孝順老爸老媽,還是業務需求可以拿來當導航機都是一個選擇,重度玩家需要預備機也可以考慮一下,平價又不失去誠意的Samsung Galaxy M11推薦給大家。

Last modified: September 27, 2020



I have to say I am loving my new samsung phone , in fact I am a bit of a convert. I did however go for the galaxy note 10 plus which of course is much bigger than the entry level mobile you show in your illustrations. Having said that for an entry level mobile I thought the specifications were very good! Particularly around some of the applications people use it for with phone calls being the least important. Do these have a good camera in comparison?Overall I think this brand of mobile really punches above its weight, I am very impressed.

    3C ???? Phone market 

    Hey! Phil thanks you for watching this article. Compared with M11, GALAXY NOTE 10 is very different, but for children and elders, it is quite enough. It seems that you are also a fan of Samsung.

I absolutely love Samsung Galaxies. Every since they came out years ago I always get the latest upgrades. The sleek design and fast technology is second only to apple. Without the high price tag. The cameras only keep getting better . I have not seen the Galaxy M11 yet cant wait to be able to see and hold it.

    3C ???? Phone market 

    Hello ccav66, thank you for your support and watching this article. It is not recommended to update the phone to the latest version. Although the mobile phone is the latest software version, the hardware device is fixed. If it is too new, it may cause slower results. This phone is very cheap, you can also consider owning it soon


Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.I have have read and watched so many reviews on the Samsung m11 but i must no one was thois detailed, i think i would be getting this one.

    3C ???? 手機市場 

    嘿! 伊斯蘭教 感謝您抽出寶貴時間觀看本文 看來您也是三星粉絲。我必須說,如此便宜的手機及其給出的規格足以供兒童和老人使用。確實是非常划算的!

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